Birthday Party Planning Checklist – 40+ Things For A Party


Parties in our life occupy a huge place, like birthdays or school graduations, or something else is not important, it is important that at these parties we can relax, meet interesting people, etc. We must prepare for these holidays properly.

Things To Do When Planning Your Next Party

So how much time we need to prepare for the party?

How to make a parting planning list or planning a birthday party?

And what do you need for a party?

Or what kind of things you need to buy for a birthday party?

Firstly, before preparation, YOU NEED TO HAVE A GREAT MOOD, because it is an important step to a great party. Then you must have a birthday party planning checklist for adults, that also important.

We recommend that you first check out 40 Important Steps to Plan Your Next Birthday Party.

 You will need at least a month to prepare for the party. You should think about everything, including snacks and drinks, about snacks they should be before the main dish, I think you do not want that your guests to be hungry but it is not exactly:), about date and location, party plan supplies, free party decoration, etc.

Okay, we understand the main information about the party planning checklist and the main criteria for preparing the party, and now we need to divide the general preparation.

Birthday party needs list

Things To Buy For A Birthday Party

1) One month before the party (calculations and drafts)

2) 3 weeks before the party (invitations)

3) 2 weeks before the party (decorations)

4) 1 week before the party (cleaning)

5) 1 to 2 days before the party (party supplies list)

6) PARTY DAY (Good time)

And now for more details.

One month before the party

How To Plan A Birthday Party
  • We need to find and choose the place where a party needs to be, this is the first thing to start with, ideally in a few months, so that there is a large selection of available options.
  • Pay attention to ventilation equipment, air conditioners, or at least the ability to open windows.
  • Mandatory bar with sink. If the site does not have this element, you should choose favor of another loft. The normal work of bartenders is impossible without a sink with running water because you need to wash the shaker after each cocktail.
  • For entertainment, light music, and speakers, a projector, a microphone are important. But table games, poker is usually not very popular at parties.
  • The site should have a refrigerator, freezer, kettle, microwave (for heating catering).
  • Set date and time.
  • Calculate how much money will take.
  • Decide on the theme of the party.
  • Define the main course, snacks, and drinks.
  • Find artists and helpers.
  • Rent equipment, and find a parking spot. You need only to find and reach an agreement.

3 weeks before the party that is an important part of the process.

Party Planning Checklist
  • Firstly you need to send out invitations.
  • Then decide about music, game, and presents.
  • Do not forget to buy things for a birthday party.
  • Plan your vacation.
  • Buffet.
  • Check your linens and serving pieces.
  • Clean if necessary.
  • And, of course, how without cake and balloons.

2 weeks before the party

Party Planning Lists
  • We must buy party decorations or find free party decorations.
  • Remind guests of an upcoming event.
  • Buy all the necessary products and things for a party.

The fun begins when 1 week before the party, we need to prepare

1 Week Left – Planning A Party
  • Piñata (fill).
  • Clean your house and an outdoor area where will be a party.
  • Set the stage and decorate it.
  • Notify the neighbors (if they weren’t invited).
  • Confirm delivery dates and services with hired vendors.
  • Find photographer, and create a detailed timetable for preparing and cooking party food.

1 to 2 days before the party

Birthday Party Needs List
  • Set up buffet tables, serving tables, a bar, punch bowls, plates, dishes, glasses.
  • Set pieces of paper with the names of dishes.
  • Put things in order.
  • Find a place for things (wardrobe).
  • Buy other party’s things.
  • Prepare the ingredients for the dish and refrigerate them.
  • Put them down in the refrigerator wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks.
  • Check the bathrooms, there should be enough of them at least 1 for 25 guests, and their condition should be satisfactory: without hair in the sink and with a new toilet.
  • Install guest towels and toilet paper.
  • Set out additional designated trash cans and have cleaning supplies and first aid supplies handy for accidents.

All of these items are very important, do not miss anything because after one day will be a party.

The most important day, PARTY DAY

Birthday Party Planner List
  • Take all cakes, ice, snacks, drinks, and arrange everything on the tables from the refrigerator.
  • Cover the tables with a tablecloth.
  • Install all the equipment.
  • Meet the guests.
  • Finish cooking, arrange everything on the tables.
  • Remove all the garbage.
  • Prepare the dishwasher.
  • Get dressed.
  • Light candles.
  • Turn on the music.
  • Relax and have a good time.

Many ask how to plan a kid’s birthday party?

How to Plan Kids Birthday Party

My answer is following the instructions that I wrote above (of course without alcohol).

When we are in a hurry, we forget a lot, that’s what we need to check first of all so that it is not deft before the guests:

  1. Check the cooking of the main course.
  2. Replenish stocks of snacks and drinks.
  3. Amuse the guests.

Consider everything so that at the last moment there are no unnecessary surprises.

So this is all the information about how to prepare and have a good party, do not forget the main thing at this party to relax! Good luck and have a nice party!




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