Best First Birthday Party on a Budget: 11 hints you have to know

Best First Birthday Party on a Budget: 11 hints you have to know

The first birthday party’s anxiety is real!

How would you plan a first birthday party on a budget?


first birthday planning

The first birthday is a serious deal. At the point when you look on social media, you see pictures of extravagant first birthday bashes! With sparkly backdrops. Elaborate candy bars.

At the point when my daughter was 9 months, individuals were already asking me what I was planning for her birthday party. What the topic would be. I was all the while making sense of how to get more rest. Not to mention consider birthday planning.

There’s this expectation that you have to arrange a glamorous first birthday party. Like this is going to lay the foundation for your child’s future. And then the mother’s anxiety kicks in…

It’s okay if you don’t go all out for this party.

first birthday party checklist

It doesn’t make you any to a lesser degree a decent parent. On the off chance that anything, you’re an increasingly responsible parent. You can utilize the extra party planning time and money towards essentials for your family.

That said, your kid’s first birthday party can, in any case, be special and memorable without breaking the bank.

The key is keeping it straightforward.

This also means less weight for you! Because this is a party and you ought to have fun as well!

Here are tips for how to arrange a quality first birthday party on a budget!

first birthday checklist

11 Tips to Plan a First Birthday on a Budget


1. Avoid the fancy decorations

This is money down the drain! You put them up for 1 day and then that’s it. They go into the trash.

If you want to set the atmosphere and tone for the occasion, you can do this with only a couple of decorative pieces.

1st birthday party venues

I love this burlap birthday banner! It’s REUSABLE!! It’s sexually unbiased and appropriate for any age. You can utilize it for your baby’s first birthday and your husband’s provincial birthday soiree.

You can get a pack of 100 balloons. Explode 6 of them to use on the two sides of the birthday banner and that’s it! Save different balloons for the following party!


2. Avoid the topic

The issue with a topic is that you have to match everything to it. The cake. The stylistic layout. The napkin holder.

Your child IS the topic. You don’t require an additional subject to have a fun party!

In case you’re having the birthday party at home, you probably already have framed photos of your child around the house.

unique first birthday ideas

On the off chance that you don’t, I love this photo display.

It’s such a great amount of easier to use than traditional photograph frames! You can put PHOTOS OF ALL SIZES on there! You don’t have to put photographs on there on the off chance that you don’t want to. Post notes or important docs. It’s up to you!


For your baby’s first birthday, here are ideas of how you can arrange the photographs:

  • a collage of your favorites
  • photographs from month 1 to month 12
  • photographs from a particular photoshoot
  • In case you’re having it outside, you can place the photos on the portable notice board. You can put this on an easel.


3. Do without the first birthday outfit

You simply need a pleasant outfit. It very well may be one of your babies already claims.

If you want to get a special outfit, I enthusiastically prescribe getting something that doesn’t say “birthday” on it. That way your baby can receive more wear in return.

Something pleasant like this party dress or suit.

planning a first birthday party
simple first birthday ideas


4. Get cheap plunder bag things

You can get bubble wands, crayons or books.

You can also DIY by baking nourishment or have the children make a craft at the party they can take home.

Or on the other hand, simply nix the goodie bags altogether! My daughter rarely utilizes the plunder bag things she’s gotten.

5. Siphon your budget into the nourishment

Your little one won’t recall the party.

This day is a celebration for you, your family and companions. You endure your first year! Your family and companions upheld you through it! This day is a blessing to you and a thank you to them.

Put the majority of your money towards great nourishment and beverages.

You don’t have to get steaks and lobster. We just served a 7 layer plunge, hummus, and salsa with chips. Got a cheddar platter. A few foods are grown from the ground. A variety of sandwiches.

food for first birthday party

Don’t neglect to have snacks for the little ones. Perhaps a few cheerios and goldfish. You can display them in cupcake liners. It’s bubbly, cheap, and non-breakable!

6. Utilize digital invitations

You can utilize or send a welcome through Facebook or email.

It takes less time because you don’t have to print out welcomes and send them (also more environmentally-accommodating). It’s easier to track RSVPs and send updates. Best of all, it’s FREE!

7. Plan with another parent whose child has a birthday in the same month

On the off chance that you know another parent with a child close in age, you can join your assets. This will mean significant savings!

In case you’re close family or companions, you’ll probably be welcoming the same individuals anyways.

1st birthday party venues

If you want to acknowledge the children individually, you can have separate cakes.

8. Timetable the party between meals

Like 2-4pm or 3-5pm.

These occasions are great for 2 reasons:

It’s a short window so you can time your baby’s naps around it. This will appease both your baby and any other baby attending the party.

It’s not during lunch (except if you have a late lunch) or supper time so most visitors won’t anticipate a full meal.

9. Avoid the fancy cake

Tweaked cakes can cost upwards of $50.

In case you’re handy, you can bake your cake or cupcakes! Utilize a cupcake as a smash cake.

We just purchased ours from the supermarket. Basic strawberry shortcake for $25. It came with a complimentary smash cake.

1st birthday party checklist

10. Ask family and companions to contribute

A party is a great deal of work! You have to clean your home, purchase and prepare the nourishment, set up the style assuming any…

It’s especially troublesome with a baby around hauling things out of cupboards!

Ask a family part to assist! Bring some nourishment. Be the photographer on the occasion. Or then again simply watch your child for a couple of hours. That way you can concentrate on completing the preparations. You can all the more likely appreciate the party!

11. Host at home or the park


Facilitating at home is free. On the off chance that you have constrained space at home, you can adjust the list of people to attend. You probably want to adjust the list of attendees anyways! Fewer individuals mean less nourishment and less time invested facilitating = more energy getting a charge out of the party!

On the off chance that your weather and climate allows for it, you can also have at a park or beach. You can utilize the general population tables or simply toss a cookout blanket on the ground.

1st birthday gifts

And be sure to prepare a present for your baby for the 1st birthday party. It can be an inexpensive but nice gift. Something bright colorful and interesting.

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