40 Important Steps to Plan Your Next Birthday Party

Preparations for birthdays

Everyone loves to be in the center of attention and receive compliments about their skills. Hosting guests is quite a challenge, as events related to the celebration require very careful preparation.

If mistakes are made during the planning of the celebration, it can ruin all the fun and the guests will not be happy and will not want to come to you anymore. This article describes the most important moments in preparing for various kinds of celebrations, including birthdays.

You should definitely start by choosing a suitable date. Once you have made your choice, you will be able to continue with the preparations.

The date should be chosen in such a way that as many potential guests as possible can attend the event. It is also recommended not to select dates related to national holidays. In general, parties are often scheduled for the weekend and this is the best choice for most people.

After selecting a day, it is necessary to decide when it will start. The best time is 3 o’clock in the day. It is desirable not to start the celebration before this time, as not everyone will be comfortable to come at this early hours.

The budget should be calculated in advance, as such events require a lot of money and a big party needs list. You should not spend more than 2 monthly wages, as such celebrations will not bring anything good. It is worthwhile to adequately evaluate your capabilities.

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Make sure that all the people you love are in the birthday party list. Once all possible guests have been counted, it will be clear what size room is required for the celebration.

If there are no more than 11 people, it is possible to have them in the house, but if there are more, it is possible to host them in the garden or a specially rented room, depending on the weather.

A very important item is the choice of a menu that will be available to guests. It is important that everyone can find a dish to their taste. It is good to have a large selection of drinks at the celebration.

The free party decorations can make the party more interesting, but it also can be an extra expense. In case it is important there can be the birthday party planning checklist for adults.


Things to buy for a birthday party


The hardest question is what do you need for a party, so to make organizing a party more convenient, you need to make a birthday party planning checklist that can be useful in creating an unforgettable celebration.

Here are things for a party that will be difficult to do without:

  1.  Printed invitations or mailed out electronically.
  2.  Tables and way of serving dishes.
  3.  Children’s table (optional).
  4.  Chairs and all related accessories, including covers.
  5.  Tablecloths and napkins (type and material).
  6.  Tableware for drinks of all necessary types.
  7.  Plates for each type of dishes.
  8.  Cutlery.
  9.  Necessary service dishes.
  10.  Necessary decorations.
  11.  Required lighting, including light music if necessary.
  12.  Entertainment for guests (board games, consoles, etc.).
  13.  Equipment and tools for cooling drinks.
  14.  Audio system.
  15.  Devices for grilling.
  16.  Umbrellas and outdoor tents, if necessary.
  17.  Sweets like chocolate etc.
  18.  Candy.
  19.  Desserts.
  20.  Musicians.
  21.  Zone for entertainment for children.
  22.  Bar counter and related accessories.
  23.  Barmen.
  24.  Additional fans and heaters, as appropriate.
  25.  Trays and dishes for serving food.
  26.  Trays for serving drinks.
  27.  Leader for the entertainment of guests.
  28.  Beverages and water.
  29.  Food.
  30.  Meals for vegetarians (if necessary).
  31.  Cake.
  32.  List of dishes in the form of a menu.
  33.  Cookware.
  34.  Service personnel.
  35.  Service personnel for cleaning.
  36.  Agreement on the premises (if necessary).
  37.  Chef Cook.
  38.  Garbage bags and special containers.
  39.  Towels made of paper.
  40.  First aid kit.

Depending on the type of party and its budget, it is possible to change the things to buy for a birthday party, but the better party planning checklist template is prepared, the more positive feedback party will receive from guests.

Party planning checklist

The entire preparation process must be done in advance in order to complete the preparations for the appointed date. Below is a list with an approximate order of steps of the party needs to help you prepare more efficiently while avoiding unforeseen situations related to party plan supplies and other preparation processes.

  •  Invitation of guests together with the choice of party location should be chosen 2 weeks in advance.
  •  A week before the celebration, the necessary service of party planning lists staff should be hired and all required equipment should be rented.
  •  Three days before the start of the event, it is recommended to purchase the required products from the party supplies list, which have a long shelf life.
  • The most difficult process will be to prepare the dishes as, depending on the number of people invited, it will be necessary to do it in the shortest possible time and in large quantities.
  •  One day before the celebration, the room must be decorated with the party’s things, and the last remaining hours can be spent entirely on cooking.
  •  12 hours before the time set for guests, you should start cooking foods that have a longer shelf life.

Following these rules, cooking for the party should be quieter and easier. If you start too late, there is a risk that the party will be spoiled. The same can happen because of an unnecessary hurry. As a rule, it’s better to make a birthday party planning checklist based on circumstances. The main thing is to concentrate well and not miss details. It may not be easy, but it’s usually worth it.

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